SoGeCash Net: What's New? (18 September 2011)

Look & Feel and Usability

New improvements have been added to help you work more efficiently with SoGeCash Net.

'Zebra' tables feature alternating colors of the odd and even records. This way, you can read easily the information when the records contain multiple rows and cells.

Help banners include important information on screen, without the need to consult the User's Guide. Some new changes are also highlighted in order to simplify the learning process.

'Zebra' tables improve readability

Help banners provide in-line clarification

Real-time Reporting

SoGeCash Net reports now provide real-time information for your balances, movements and payment statuses.

We have added the new Real-time Positions report, and updated the Statements and Transactions reports to show separately the intraday (pre-posted) movements.

The Order Status report shows all payment orders initiated from SoGeCash Net and their actual statuses from the banking systems in real-time — Pending for processing, Successfully processed, Not processed due to validation errors, etc.

The Downloads section contains downloadable versions in CSV and MT940/MT942 format of the statement history, transactions, the daily statements and the intraday movements.

The Real-time Positions screen shows the actual balances on your accounts at the moment you open it and it changes immediately as your payments are processed

The pre-posted movements are downloaded immediately as you log into the system and are frequently refreshed; they are shown separately, to avoid confusion with the final daily statements

The order statuses are now much more detailed so you can see what has really happened with your payment orders without searching in the statements

Payment Processing

We improved the payment processing speed in SoGeCash Net, so that your orders are booked instantly. You can initiate a transfer between your accounts and refresh the Real-time Positions report to see that it is booked within seconds.

Transfers in BGN within SGEB and other Bulgarian banks, and foreign currency transfers within SGEB (when using standard exchange rates) are processed in a fully automated mode.

Deals with negotiated exchange rate and international transfers require additional validation by the Bank officers, so you will see their status is Pending for processing for a little longer.

The new foreign currency MT101 module is available for all clients; it can be used for transfers between your accounts (including FOREX deals with standard or negotiated rates) and payments to beneficiaries in SGEB or another bank

The old foreign currency module is still available, with an added payment value date option to allow urgent payments, but it cannot be used for foreign exchange deals with negotiated rate

The order tracking screens also show the real-time statuses